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Older Workers

Many older workers are foregoing retirement and choosing to work into their 60s, 70s, and even later in life. Baby boomers are a substantial part of the current workforce and according to U.S. government estimates, older workers will make up 25 percent of the labor market by 2024. This trend has had alarming consequences in… Read More »

Muscle Strain

Muscle strains occur in all types of work environments, most commonly in the manufacturing, industrial, and construction industries. They occur when a muscle tears or rips due to excessive force, repetition, awkward posture, and other workplace environmental factors, such as slip, trip and fall hazards. The muscle fibers stretch and sometimes pull apart, often causing… Read More »

High Wind Hazards

As we have seen with the recent hurricanes in the south, high winds can destroy everything in their path. While many employees spend their workdays in the predictable calm and quiet of their cubicle or office, others are exposed to these unpredictable forces of nature. For workers who perform their jobs outside, the risk of… Read More »

Construction Company Cited

A Philadelphia construction company owner has been cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for fall protection violations. The owner reportedly has a history of workplace safety violations and was previously cited under another company name. The violations were discovered after an investigation was launched after a complaint was filed with the administration…. Read More »

Coming and Going Rule

Most workers in Pennsylvania are covered by the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act (“the Act”), which allows employees to recover medical expenses and lost wages resulting from their work-related injuries and illnesses. Workers may also receive other types of workers’ compensation benefits, including disfigurement and specific loss, vocational rehabilitation and death benefits. However, to be eligible… Read More »

Workers’ Comp Check Late

When you are recuperating from a work-related injury, you rely on your workers’ compensation checks to pay your bills, keep a roof over your head and food on the table. If your workers’ compensation checks do not arrive on time, or if the amount is incorrect, that just adds to the stress with which you… Read More »

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