What is Personal Injury?

Most people have heard the term “Personal Injury”, but do not fully understand what it means. “Personal Injury” includes all claims resulting from bodily injury, including psychological problems. There are three basic groups of personal injury.


Negligence is the failure to use reasonable care to avoid foreseeable harm to a person, place or thing. People are liable if their unreasonable act (or failure to act) causes an injury, even if the harm is not intended.

Intentional Harm

Intentional harm is the “malicious” or “intentional” infliction of harm that results in injury. As an example, if a person involved in a heated argument with you purposely hits you with the intention to hurt you, that person is liable for your injuries.

Absolute Liability

Absolute liability is when a person is responsible for injuring another person regardless of negligence or intent. Some instances in which the law might apply absolute liability are with regard to product liability, dangerous or hazardous activities and pet owner’s liability. For instance, a person may be entitled to compensation after a defective product injures him or her regardless of whether the manufacturer was actually negligent. In other words, the person only has to prove that a product is defective or dangerous and that the defect caused personal injury. It is not necessary to show that the manufacturer was intentionally careless or negligent.

If you are involved in an automobile accident where someone is injured, or if there are damages to property or the automobiles involved, you are obligated to stop, summon the police, and provide personal identification and information about your insurance policy and vehicle registration. The Law Offices of Larry Pitt & Associates has a full service Personal Injury group comprised of experienced civil litigators. If you have questions about personal injury, insurance issues, the Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, or tort protection, call our office today!

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