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A Variety of Legal Services for a Variety of Industries

Workers’ compensation is a program designed, at heart, to protect injured workers. Anyone who pays into the program is eligible to collect benefits in the event of an injury, so you are guaranteed some security for your family and your home after a serious workplace accident. Some professions and industries, however, see a greater number of injured workers each year.

The Philadelphia-based worker’s compensation attorneys of Larry Pitt & Associates understand exactly which industries are the most dangerous, and which workers are most likely to suffer from a serious injury. For the last 35 years, we have been the firm Philadelphia workers turn to when they need help after a devastating workplace injury. You can rely on us to protect you and guide you through the workers’ compensation process.

Helping Injured Workers in Philadelphia and Beyond

Our firm has assisted workers all throughout the greater Philadelphia area – from Berks County to Montgomery, and everywhere in between. We understand how workplace accidents happen, and what kind of options you will have after they do. Some of the people we help the most often as employed in the following industries:

This is by no means a full list of who we serve, and just because your exact job is not listed here, does not mean we don’t have the resources, skills and experience to help you. We believe that an informed client is a satisfied client, and we wanted you to have the opportunity to see what we do for your friends, families and colleagues every day.

Whether your collar is blue, white or non-existent, Larry Pitt & Associates wants to help you obtain the workers’ compensation benefits you need, when you need them. We help you apply for benefits, ensure that your application is complete and thoroughly prepared, and represent you in various administrative hearings around the state when necessary. After more than three decades of handling workers’ compensation in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, you can rest assure that we are detailed and efficient, and that we know how to help our clients quickly without sacrificing quality. Whether you have recently been injured, were denied a claim for whatever reason, or are not sure that you are eligible, working with our Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorneys means you don’t have to go through it alone.

Find Out More About Our Team of Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Larry Pitt & Associates offers comprehensive legal services to injured workers throughout Pennsylvania. We represent clients in every industry, and we know how to build a successful claim for benefits. Please call 1-888-748-8529 or fill out our contact form to make an appointment at one of our offices, and speak to an experienced Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyer about your needs. We are proud to serve clients in Berks County, Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia County.


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