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Skilled Bensalem Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Helping the injured in and around Bucks County for the last 35 years

A serious personal injury can keep you out of work and leave you unable to pay your bills. When that accident happens in the workplace, though, you can apply for workers’ compensation benefits to help you through your recovery process. But what happens if you try to apply and are denied? Or if your employers tells you are not allowed to apply? Who can you trust to help you?

When you suffer an on-the-job injury, you can rely on the Bensalem workers’ compensation lawyers of Larry Pitt & Associates. We have helped to protect injured workers and their families in and around Bucks County for the last 35 years – and we can help you, too.

Workers’ compensation services we offer

At Larry Pitt & Associates, we offer a wide array of services and practical counsel for clients who have been hurt at work or as a result of their job duties. You can trust our team of experienced Bensalem worker’s compensation attorneys and professional legal staff to assist you with:

  • Filling out and then filing your initial claim for benefits
  • Working hand-in-hand with your doctors to provide the most compressive medical records possible
  • All third party claims
  • Representing you in administrative hearings

We understand how to work within the confines of the Workers’ Compensation Act to help you obtain the greatest amount of benefits possible, and we know what it takes to build a winning strategy for new clients whose initial application, either filed by themselves or with the help of someone else, was denied and must be appealed.

Personal injury and Social Security Disability in Bensalem, PA

Larry Pitt & Associates helps people throughout Bucks County who have suffered an injury, whether at work or not. Our accomplished Bensalem personal injury lawyers are by your side if you are harmed because of someone else’s negligence. We commonly assist people who are injured:

  • In car, truck or motorcycle accidents
  • On mass transit vehicles going in our out of the city
  • By defective products
  • After slipping or falling poorly maintained walkways or in poorly lit areas
  • By an act of physical violence by another person

If the injury you sustained is too severe for you to continue to work in your field for at least 12 months, or could potentially alter your life on a permanent basis, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Because the Social Security Administration is notorious for denying initial applications, having an experienced Bensalem Social Security Disability attorney like Larry Pitt help you through the process can increase your odds of getting your benefits more quickly.

How can Larry Pitt & Associates help you today?

Whether you live or work – or both – in Bucks County, you want an attorney who looks out for you after you have been hurt in an accident. Larry Pitt & Associates is widely known as one of the premier workers’ compensation law firms in the area. All we do is assist injured people in getting the help they need. To schedule a free consultation at our Bensalem office, located at1928 Bristol Pike, please fill out our contact form or call 215.245.8190. Let us help you take back control over your life after a serious injury.