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Skilled Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Fighting on Behalf of Those Who Fly the Friendly Skies

Flight attendants are the most welcome part of air travel. Not only do they instruct us in how to stay safe on the plane, but they make sure that our nerves are called, our heads are comfortable and that our needs are met during the trip. They help us with our luggage and guide us through the maze that is the Philadelphia airport when we cannot find our way. All this help can come at a price for flight attendants, though, and they can be injured as a result.

Larry Pitt & Associates is proud to represent flight attendants from every airline who are based out of Pennsylvania airports, from Allentown to Wilkes-Barre and everywhere in between. Our dedicated Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorneys help to protect the rights of flight attendants who have sustained an injury during the course of their job duties. If you were hurt while working for an airline, we have the skills and resources to help.

Can Flight Attendants Collect Workers’ Compensation?

Yes, they can. Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, employees have the right to file a claim for benefits if they are injured during the course of their work. The same is true for flight attendants. Certain airlines may issue restrictions on which doctors you can see, however, so it is important that you bring that list with you when you come to our office. Furthermore, your collective bargaining agreement may also prevent you from taking outside work while you wait for your claim to be accepted, and some airlines do not require that you be put on “light duty,” either. As a union-friendly law firm, Larry Pitt & Associates has extensive experience working with union reps to ensure that your needs are taken care of, and that you are in compliance with the terms of your contract. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure that you can claim your benefits as quickly as possible.

Common Injuries Sustained by Flight Attendants in Philadelphia

Because of the nature of their work, flight attendants are almost always on the move – even, at times, when the sailing is not as smooth as one might hope. Our Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyers can assist you with your claim for benefits if you sustained an injury from:

  • Accidents in shuttles between gates or between hotels and the airport
  • Acts of violence by passengers
  • Burns resulting from spilled hot liquids, such as coffee or tea
  • Falling luggage, leading to head or brain trauma
  • Lifting heavy luggage from the overhead compartment, leading to a back or shoulder injury
  • Lifting heavy luggage to place it in the overhead compartment, leading to a back or shoulder injury
  • Pushing the beverage cart, leading to hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder injuries
  • Repetitive strain on your joints or muscles
  • Rough landings or excessive turbulence, which could lead to hip, back or neck injuries
  • Slipping and falling in an airport

These types of injuries can have a long-lasting impact on your health and your overall ability to work in your chosen profession. You want an experienced Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyer, who is familiar with your line of work, on your side when you file your claim or to represent you in administrative hearings. Let us be your guide.

Larry Pitt & Associates Protecting the Rights of Injured Philadelphia Flight Attendants

When you are hurt in the course of your flight attendant duties, you deserve the help of an attorney who understands just how serious your situation is. Larry Pitt & Associates has protected the rights of injured workers in Philadelphia for more than three decades. To schedule a no-obligation consultation with an accomplished Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyer, please call 1-888-748-8529 or fill out our contact form. We are proud to serve clients in Berks County, Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia County.


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