The Procedures for Filing Workers’ Compensation Claims in Pennsylvania

Ensuring that Philadelphia’s Injured Workers Get What They Need

Those who are injured or become ill on the job in Pennsylvania have the right to be compensated for the cost of medical treatment and lost wages. In order to receive compensation, however, it is important that a worker follow certain procedures and document his or her injuries appropriately.

The Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyers of Larry Pitt & Associates have more than three decades of experience assisting injured workers with their claims. While Larry always does everything in his power to ensure clients get the treatment and benefits they deserve, you can take certain steps to help your cause.

Steps for filing a workers’ compensation claim

Step 1: Properly reporting your injury is vital to receiving benefits. If you are injured on the job, immediately report the incident to your supervisor, personnel department, and union steward. When doing so, be sure to describe:

  • The date of the injury
  • Where the accident occurred
  • Each body part that is affected

Failure to report your injury within 120 days of the time it occurs means you risk losing the right to compensation. If you give notice of the injury within 21 days of the accident, you are eligible to receive benefits after being out of work for seven days.

Step 2: From the time you are injured, it is crucial to fully document your injuries and medical bills. You should do this in the following ways:

  • Seek prompt medical attention. Check to find out if you need to visit with an approved physician, which is required by some Pennsylvania employers. When you receive care, keep a record of all medical bills and other expenses (such as medication). All your medical bills are covered under Pennsylvania workers comp law, but you must be able to document your expenses.
  • Follow all treatment as described by a medical professional.Failure to do so could disqualify your right to benefits.
  • Keep a diary, starting from the time you are injured and continuing until you are fully healed, describing you injuries and how they affect your life.

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