Personal Injury includes all claims resulting in bodily injury, including psychological problems. Here are some examples of personal injury:

  1. Injuries sustained in an automobile collision
  2. Air bag fails to deploy
  3. Seat belt failure
  4. Slip and fall on slippery surfaces
  5. Slip and fall on broken pavement
  6. Fall due to uneven pavement
  7. Fall due to faulty or missing handrail
  8. Slip and fall on defective stairs
  9. Injuries sustained due to foreign substances in food products
  10. Injuries sustained when a product does not operate in the manner in which it was supposed to
  11. Injuries sustained when a product was poorly designed
  12. Doctor performing an unnecessary operation
  13. Doctor failing to warn of risks of surgery
  14. Doctor performing an operation in a negligent manner
  15. Doctor failing to order proper diagnostic tests
  16. Doctor failing to make proper diagnoses of condition
  17. Doctor prescribing wrong medication or wrong dosage
  18. Pharmacist misreads prescription and gives wrong medication
  19. Fall out of hospital bed
  20. Injuries sustained because Bar or Liquor store served a visibly intoxicated patron