Common Summer Work Injuries

July 12, 2019

In states known for having four distinct seasons, summertime often sees an increase in employee injuries and corresponding workers’ compensation claims. Five specific risks tend to rise during the hottest months of the year. These include the chance of dehydration, heat stroke, cancer development, traffic-related accidents, and slips and falls.


People who work outside during summer naturally need to consume appropriate amounts of water to remain sufficiently hydrated. The same is true for employees working in warehouses and manufacturing plants with inadequate or unpredictable levels of air conditioning. However, many workers either do not have access to an endless supply of fresh water, or they are not encouraged to take breaks and drink water throughout the day.

Employers have a responsibility to keep workers safe, which may include providing employees with access to water or electrolyte-infused drinks. Employees should also be able to take sufficient breaks to avoid experiencing dehydration symptoms such as exhaustion, memory problems, headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

Heat Stroke

The technical name for heat stroke is hyperthermia, and hyperthermia can be fatal. Sometimes, lack of hydration can lead to heat stroke, although even hydrated employees can experience heat stress injuries in extremely hot conditions.

For instance, workers who labor in the sun or in especially warm spaces without access to shade, water, or breaks, may begin to suffer from rapid heart rate, headaches, confusion, inability to sweat, chills, and fever. These warning signs must be taken seriously and require immediate emergency medical attention.

Cancer Development

People who lather on sunscreen during their leisure activities may forget to use it when they are working outside on the job. Yet long-term exposure to the sun’s rays in any situation can lead to sunburns and the development of cancerous lesions.

The best way to prevent skin issues related to sunlight exposure is for workers to cover up and use sunscreen. Companies may want to change their protocols to include expectations about sunscreen and protective gear use to avoid exposing workers to an elevated risk for cancer.

Traffic Accidents

Workers who either drive for a living or perform work on the roadways are at higher likelihood of being injured in a motor vehicle accident. This is especially true for construction workers who improve and repair highways because motorists may not follow speed reduction signs in work zones or give workers enough room.

Slips and Falls

Although job-related slips and falls take place year-round, they do tend to increase during the summer months among people who work in conditions affected by weather. Sudden thunderstorms or downpours can cause slippery situations and uneven ground. Consequently, workers should be equipped with proper gear to avoid preventable broken bones, muscle strains, back problems, and concussions.

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